Teenage Pyrex Ninja Turtle

Before we get going today, I just wanted to say I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, the long Summer holidays, nail biting wait for exam results and providing long distance moral support to my sister as she wrote her Masters’ dissertation have all taken their toll.  I’m back now and raring to go!
Today I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my vintage Pyrex career.  Obviously I have an online shop and I want people to buy things from it but I absolutely shrink from the idea of selling!  You know what I mean, I love shopping (in fact it’s my middle name!) but I hate it when people try to sell me things.  Don’t you just hate it when you go into a shop and the salesperson pounces on you as you cross the threshold?  They then follow you around the store giving the impression that they are either desperate to make a sale or that they think you look a bit shifty and might be a shoplifter, neither of these options being conducive to giving you an enjoyable retail experience!  So, I was quite dismayed when I realised that an important part of running a successful shop is promotion.  Fortunately we live in the age of the internet, so I can talk to people on social media and am spared the indignity of walking round in a sandwich board or dressed as a giant Cinderella bowl.  I don’t like advertising – maybe it’s a British thing but it seems tantamount to showing off, so I tend to try and amuse people with what I post and hope they’ll then be kind enough to visit my shop.  That is how Pyrex Party Pixie got its first full-time employee and brand ambassador (posh, huh?!) Timmy the Turtle.
Now I’d like to say that Timmy was the result of a long and thoughtful creative brainstorming session but in fact he only exists because I like doing childish things with my Pyrex!  During a photo shoot for my shop, I noticed that an upside down Cinderella bowl looks quite like a turtle shell…  I’m very keen on the sea and in protecting it from pollution and turtles, who are particularly vulnerable to plastic waste, have been on my mind a lot.  I like to post on social media about marine conservation and I thought PyrexPartyPixie could do with a sea creature mascot.  I hadn’t realised that vintage Pyrex turtles are so ambitious though, as after Timmy came into being he decided being a mascot was a bit beneath him and demanded a full time job instead!image1
We could, of course, have opted to use CGI to create Timmy but as a vintage retailer, we decided that Timmy should be more traditional, so apart from his shell, he consists of a decorated wooden spoon (I hope I haven’t shocked you all, I know you thought he was a real turtle!!!).  Rather like Pinocchio, Timmy soon took on a life of his own and demanded a lady friend!  So Tabitha, or Tabby was born.  She’s almost identical to Timmy, except for her pink ‘shell’ and penchant for bright pink lipstick!
Timmy and Tabby like to do their photo shoots on a Friday, which leaves them the weekend free for Ocean Activism.  They also like to get involved in local beach cleans although, moving at turtle speed, they usually only manage to collect to collect one piece of trash each before it’s time to go home.  They also enjoy candlelit lettuce dinners for two and doing crossword puzzles.  They also enjoy quiet evenings in front of the TV, their favourite shows being The Blue Planet and re-runs of The Great British Bake Off (they refuse to watch the new ones as they are both #TeamMaryBerry!).image2

Author: PyrexPartyPixie

I’m a student, swimmer and sci-fi fan by day but by night (well, more like evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays) I don my apron and become the Pyrex Party Pixie! I love all things Pyrex and have been a collector for some time now. My earliest experience of Pyrex was my mum’s clear jug and mixing bowl - both of which, had I bothered to think of them at all, I would have considered boring, and utilitarian. Then I saw some vintage Pyrex in a charity shop and I was hooked! I love cooking and I’d never seen such colourful, versatile and well-designed cookware before. Using the colourful designs from the ‘fifties, ‘sixties and ‘seventies really brightens your day, whether you’re cooking for pleasure or through necessity. As my collection grew I discovered that I genuinely enjoy looking for vintage pieces, almost as much as I enjoy displaying and using them and thus Pyrex Party Pixie came to be. Not everyone enjoys the search though, so I thought it would be good to have a one-stop vintage Pyrex shop online, especially helpful for collectors or casual admirers who don’t have access to any local sources of new pieces. This blog is based on my love of vintage Pyrex! Hope you enjoy :)

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